Artist Biographies


Born in Seattle, WA and raised in Southern California, Gary Borgstedt has lived most of his adult life in San Francisco, CA. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts from UCLA and a Masters in Psychology from San Francisco State University. He did mostly black and white photography in the early eighties, until he developed a passion for mixed media photography. Overtly political, focusing on our country’s proliferation of nuclear weapons and lack of response to the AIDS crisis, these projects were nationally shown in not-for-profit galleries and spaces. The Library of Congress purchased six of the AIDS pieces.

Borgstedt returned to black and white photography in the mid nineties, using medium and large format cameras and film, and concentrated on photographing his 3D compositions of ephemeral tableaux and emulations of Francis Bacon’s style of painting. 

Borgstedt moved to the Coachella Valley in 2013, where he now employs digital technology. His current project, Virtual Landscapes, questions the relationship between appearances and reality, and the roles we play in sorting fact from fiction. He uses pieces of fabric to create minimal abstractions of the desert’s outdoor splendor, which he then photographs. He employs depth of field and selective focus manipulations with his camera to further abstract these tableaux’s. Although his newest landscapes move beyond the desert, the Valley’s floors, skies and mountains are still his inspiration. 

Borgstedt seeks to show not necessarily what is there, but what is into it; what we don’t see at first sight; the seeing INTO.



Simeon Den received an eclectic comprehensive training in the Arts: Asian & Contemporary Art History (UMass), ballet and modern dance (Alvin Ailey Am Dance Center), photography (NY School of Visual Arts), and New Genres as a magna cum laude graduate in World Arts and Cultures (UCLA).  His multi-faceted   professional career includes performing internationally in dance companies and musicals on Broadway, as artistic director of performing arts school and dance company (Hawaii), educator (CalArts, UMass, American Musical and Dramatics Academy), certified feng shui practitioner, fine art & commercial photographer, executive director of non-profit arts advocacy (Agnes Pelton Society),  co-chair of the  Cathedral City Public Arts Commission and   galleriist/director/curator of Simeon Den Gallery/Fine and Temple Arts.

 From the eclectic to the sublime, Den directs a non-traditional gallery and e-commerce enterprise that showcases his personal métier in the  contemporary and  temple arts.



Kym Ghee is a Los Angeles-based photographer and writer who was born in Charleston, West Virginia.  During her childhood, Kym’s father was a weatherman for The National Bureau in San Diego, CA, and her family split their time between the beaches of southern California and mountains and hollers of West Virginia.  A keen observer of life, Kym was fascinated by Appalachian culture and the wild spirit of West Virginia, and this energy has been major influence in her life and work.

Kym picked up photography in 2012 after inheriting a camera from a deceased elderly neighbor.    Around the same time, a string of unfortunate life circumstances had left her deeply disillusioned about the world we live in.   When a friend challenged her to use the inherited camera to reconnect to the beauty and strangeness that is ever present, Kym began a daily visual diary that was stylish and bold.  Her work soon gathered a following on social media and Kym has been shooting nonstop ever since.

Working in a variety of genres including creative portraiture, landscapes, and botanicals, Kym’s work embodies a strong sensual element, theatre and seduction as well as a raw and edgy style.

A graduate of University of California, San Diego, Kym holds degrees in Visual Arts and Writing.  She has also attended the prestigious Julia Dean School of Photography.  In just a few short years, her photography has been shown at Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, Moreno Kiang Gallery, The Hive, Camera 365, Enui, and Los Angeles Center for Photography.  As a commercial photographer she has worked for a variety of clients including Treacherous MInx Clothing and B & G Martin Luxury Dog Products.  Her photography has been published in Las Vegas’ Pool Magazine, Sensitive Skin, Subterranean Periodical, and The Cross Beat.



Jon Hamblin was born in 1950 in Boston. The son of a physician, Hamblin’s childhood was spent in New York City, Haiti, the Mojave desert, and Kauai. A graduate of Kauai High School, he has a BA in psychology and an MFA in printmaking from the University of Hawaii (Manoa). He served with the Peace Corps in Belize.

Hamblin’s work displays a shimmering inner world of natural and cosmic forces. He states that bodysurfing and reproductions of the Sistine Chapel serve as inspiration for his trademark figures, unbound by earthly gravity. Clouds, comets, birds, water, stars and animals all play equal roles of importance in Hamblin’s portrayal of the universe.

Non-traditional surfaces, such as discarded roofing metal, wood and plastic are characteristic of Hamblin’s work. Words, also, are a key element. Simultaneously, vague and specific, Hamblin’s words lend themselves to the viewers interpretation as much as the images.

He currently teaches at Mid-Pacific Institute.

"There are two things that matter with art. One is Narrative and two is Visual. Like someone’s face telling us something that is meaningful. I try to make both the content and the visual experience mean something that stays with the viewer. I try to make the experience of looking at my work to be one of Affirmation Of The Self, no matter who you are. That the most complicated things in life can be shared in the simplest of words and moments."



From a young age I worked in a very representational manner, very classically. As my work evolved the representational quality
remained but I have explored different venues of expression. Moving from figurative work to still life enabled me to become more expressionistic in the way the paint is applied, in essence the construction of the painting. I was fascinated with surface quality
and transparency and the abstraction that bottles lent the painting.Essentially I want to examine the surface quality and mark making in a more abstract and painterly manner. Janet Fish, Richard Estes and Giorgio Morandi were inspirational. The overly loaded“tablescapes” allow me to investigate the brushwork and marks I make on the canvas. I am constantly intrigued with the construction of a painting and its resolution Although the image is still quite representational I am working on the quality of the marks and layers of paint. Ultimately I am excited when the painting can be observed from a variety of distances and create completely different statements.




Bruce Kimerer moved to the California desert from New York nearly five years ago. Back east, his work focused on the landscape, portraying moody views of the Brooklyn waterfront and the rolling hills of rural upstate New York. Once here, his work changed dramatically. Gone were the misty atmospheres and soft edges. A brightness and clarity emerged, a direct response to the light, the color and the geometry of the Palm Springs environment. Bruce has exhibited at the National Academy of Design in New York as well as gallery venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Coachella Valley.

"I paint for myself. Each piece is a test, of sorts. To see if I can render the quotidian, commonplace scenes around me in a way that captures an essential element. Of air. Of light. Of matter."



Rob Lebow is a portrait photographer from Los Angeles. He worked as Photo Editor for Warner Bros. Pictures and 20th Century Fox & held Director of Photography positions for PolyGram Films, The Cimarron Group and Crew Creative Advertising in Hollywood. He has worked as Creative Director and Photographer for Advertising campaigns Worldwide for 20th Television, AMC, Columbia Pictures, HBO, IFC, Jafra cosmetics, Lionsgate, MGM, Revon, TLC, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Weinstein Company and others. 

Rob Lebow’s forthcoming human empowerment book ‘Gorgeous' represents a contemporary snapshot celebrating beauty, gender and individuality.  The Collection of curated iconic images and personal stories feature some of the World's most visible LGBT Advocates, Artists and Entertainers.



Siobhan McBride was born in Seoul and lives in Brooklyn, NY.  She received her M.F.A. in painting from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005. Her paintings combine disparate yet familiar fragments into spaces that are filled with anxiety and magic. She has been awarded residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, Jentel, Yaddo, and Roswell. Her work has been shown in exhibitions at M.Y. Art Prospects, Michael Steinberg Fine Art, Burlington City Art’s Firehouse Gallery, and Projective City in Paris



Peter Palladino is a fine art, celebrity portrait, and fashion photographer, master printer of B&W silver gelatin prints, and specializes in digital illustration. He studied photography at UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture and has exhibited internationally with collected works in the Los Angeles Center for Photographic Arts, LACMA, and in the permanent collection of the Quentin Crisp Archives in NYC. His celebrity clients include Stevie Wonder, Cindy Crawford, Michael York, John Waters, Frenchie Davis, and drag performance icons including Lypsinca, Jackie Beat, Coco Peru, and the Andy Warhol superstar, Holly Woodlawn.

Commercial clients include Arista Records, Bausch and Lomb, and The Disney Company. His early aesthetic influences are Diane Arbus, George Hurrel, and Joel-Peter Witkin.These photographs catalogued and available for sale were originally exhibited in “SNAP!” his one-man show at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. The provocative and entertaining images is his socio/political visual treatise on the challenges and triumphs of transexuals and transgendered people, particularly the ironic representation of Hyper-femininity and Hyper-masculinity depicted by biological men-- gay porn stars and transgendered women.

“In regard to portrait photography, I look for the truth often captured in the off-moments of a portrait sitting and I am interested in the delicate balance between the strength in vulnerability, the beauty in the absurd, and the oft unwitting humor in the poignant.”



In his current practice, Ken Mazzochi explores the possibilities of what is beyond this earthly existence. Using steps, arches, doorways and windows, from dark to light, he evokes the desire to wonder what is beyond the light. Moving between the intuitive and rational, his palette, paint, and textures invite serenity. Ken began painting in 1975 using mostly acrylics. His paintings have been shown in exhibits, festivals, and local businesses on the east and west coasts. He has studied with teachers in West Hartford and Avon, Connecticut, and most recently with Alan Chan of Artis Anima in Palo Alto, California and David Farington in Palm Springs.




Multimedia Artist, author, musician and the storytelling host of Joshua Tree’s weekly radioshow “Desert Storysongs” Michaels knew from a young age that she was creative. Her free time was spent drawing and writing in sketchbooks. After receiving a BFA in Illustration from University of the Arts, she went on to earn her MFA in Computer Graphics from The School of Visual Arts in NYC. Originally from Philadelphia, Jill thrived in the art and music scenes of New York and Los Angeles before recently moving to the High Desert. Whether writing and illustrating humorous books such as “Debutante without a Dress” or “No Customer Service,” she documents everyday life in visual and audio narration with philosophic wit. A former New York University English and Computer Graphics professor, Jill now teaches online for The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Included in the spaces Michaels has exhibited her work, The Museum of American Folk Art, CANO, Nordstrom’s, JTAG Gallery in Joshua Tree, and currently, she is represented by Simeon Den in Cathedral City, Ca. 

Artist Statement - “Road Tripping mixed media paintings by Jill Carey Michaels were inspired by the uniquely American experience of driving coast to coast on the interstate. The canvases are impressions of modern American landscape, as billboards, truckstops and skylines rushed past her car window, coming in and out of focus. Ms. Michaels integrates retro sheik women into her panoramic roadscapes, reveling in the iconic symbols, original poems and animated paint strokes layered in dimension. “Road Tripping” connects familiar imagery that is often overlooked, yet upon closer inspection, tells a more complex story.